First steps with Hideez Client

Step 0

Download Client App for Windows

After installing Hideez Client App on your Windows computer, you will see the icon in the taskbar.

Click on the icon and launch the application.

After starting, you will see a screen:

Please choose your type of security Vault: Hardware Vault - Hideez Key which you must have physically. Software Vault - your mobile phone with Hideez Mobile Authenticator installed on it.

Now available only Hardware Vault - Hideez Key.

Hardware Vault Setup

Step 1

Click on the main part of the screen on the corresponding option. OR In the left vertical menu, select Hideez Key - Hardware.

Step 2

Enter and save the address of your Hideez Enterprise Server. If you do not know it, contact your administrator.

If you ordered a Pilot, then the Hideez staff will provide the desired address. If you have questions, write [email protected]

The server must be accessible at the time of saving the server address!

Pay attention to the color of the indicators at the bottom of the window. In case of success, they should be green. Server - a green indicator means there is a connection with the HES server, a red one - no connection. If you have a red indicator instead of a green one, look here for possible causes and steps to correct them. Dongle - a green indicator means that the Dongle is inserted into the USB port and identified. Red means Dongle is not inserted or is not identified by the application.

Step 3

If you are using a new device, it is turned off. To enable, you have to press the button, the device will switch to pairing mode. Watch the Video

Step 4

Bring the device close to the Dongle and make a long tap.

Step 5

If the Hideez Key device has not yet been used with the Hideez Client App, then the first time you need to pair Hideez Key with Dongle. During pairing, Hideez Key periodically blinks (lights up) with a green LED. To confirm, you need to perform a short press on the button. Watch the video.

If you don’t click on the button within 15 seconds, the pairing will not take place and the Hideez Client App will not be able to work with Hideez Key. To re-pair, you must re-execute a long tap.

If during step 4 or 5 you saw such an error Hideez Client Server: This device is not assigned to any user. Contact your system administrator. Then make sure, that below steps are completed on HES: 1. Employee is added 2. Device is added 3. Workstation is added 4. Key is assigned to the user

Step 6

After successful pairing, Hideez Key automatically connects to your computer and will be displayed in the application.

Make sure that indicators Connected and Initialized are green.

Step 7

Click on the icon to launch the authorization process.

Step 8

You will see one of these messages (depends on your profile settings on HES):

Please do the required action.

Step 9

Make sure that indicators Authorized and Storage loaded are green and you see Password manager menu item.

Step 10

Your Hardware Vault is ready to use! Go to the Password manager menu item.

You can find accounts that were added to you by the Administrator. Please follow this instruction to use them.


You can add and manage your own accounts and credentials.