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How to enable two-factor authentication at Hideez Enterprise Server?
Hideez Enterprise Server – Enabling 2FA
Note: this section explains how to enable two-factor OTP authentication only for entering the HES web interface. To log in from OTP to other sites, you must use the appropriate settings on these sites.

Enabling 2FA at HES

Step 1

In the upper right corner of the window, click the profile icon and select the Profile from the drop-down list.

Step 2

Go to the Security, go to the Two-factor authentication section, and click on the Add authenticator app button.

Step 3

Follow the instructions.

Step 4

After successfully enabling two-factor authentication, you will be prompted to save your recovery codes. 10 codes, each of which consists of 8 characters. You can log in with their help if for some reason you cannot enter the OTP code.
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Two-factor authentication is configured. Now you can use it with the authenticator app.

Adding HES admins' account with OTP to Hideez key

If you want to use Hideez Key to generate OTP, then creating your administrator account enter your secret key in the corresponding field.
The Secret Key is the 32 alphabetic value from Step 3.

Disabling 2FA at HES

To disable two-factor authentication on the HES server, go to the Profile > Security tab > Two-factor authentication section and click Disable 2FA.
Confirm the action.
Two-factor authentication is disabled. But you can always resume it.

Reset recovery codes

If you have lost your recovery codes, you can generate new ones. The old ones will become invalid.
Go to Profile > Security tab > Two-factor authentication section and click Reset recovery codes.
Confirm the action.

Log in with recovery code

If for some reason you cannot enter the OTP code at the authorization phase, then use the previously generated recovery codes.

Step 1

Enter your login and password for your account.

Step 2

Click log in with a recovery code.

Step 3

Enter one of the previously saved recovery codes and click Log in.
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