First Setup for Android

  1. Download the Hideez Mobile Authenticator application to your phone from Google Play and run it.

  2. At the first launch, you need to confirm the entry with fingerprint and set a 6-digit PIN code for the application. If fingerprint is not configured on your phone, then you will be redirected to the PIN code entry page immediately.

    In subsequent launches, you will be logged into the mobile application using a fingerprint or PIN code (depending on the settings of your phone).

  3. After authorization, the QR code scanner opens You need OR lock the computer (Win + L) and scan the QR code that appears. OR scan code in Hideez Client Application Please be aware, Hideez Client Application must be installed on your computer (ask your Administrator about this or follow this instruction).

  4. Because this is the first launch of the application, you need to add an account to unlock the computer. You will be directed to the account add screen. Click on the "+" in the upper right corner.

  5. Add an account to unlock your computer. Select an account type and enter the required data. Save the data. Note! For a domain account, in addition to the name and password, you must specify the domain name.

  6. If in step 3 you scanned a QR-code from a locked computer, then you will be asked to unlock the computer by the just created account. Click the unlock button. You have unlocked your computer using your phone and Hideez Mobile Authenticator.

    If in step 3 you scanned the QR code in the Hideez Client Application, then an account will be created, but you will not be offered to unlock the computer.