Admin Guide (advanced steps)

Advanced steps for Hideez Enterprise Solution

After you have configured the server's basic functions and your employees have learned how to work with the Hideez Keys - it's time to use other Hideez solution possibilities.

Step 1: Keys management

Special statuses have been developed for key management. For example, an employee's key is compromised; the employee has gone on vacation, and you need to suspend his access; employee fired, etc. Check out the Keys Management section to use all these features.

Step 2: Hardware Vault Access profiles

Depending on the role of a particular User, you can configure more or less strict access settings. For example, it requires entering a pin code every 10 minutes, pressing a button and entering a pin code every time the key is connected. You can learn more about these features here.

Step 3: Set up different Lock mechanism for different workstations

Hideez Key uses the proximity mechanism to lock your workstation. Read more about this.

To unlock - you can choose different options:

Step 4: Try Hideez Key as an OTP generator

We hope you have already tried this option while creating personal or shared accounts. But if not - it is time to start. Try this instruction to Set up two-factor authentication for your Gmail account.

Step 5: Set up two-factor authentication at the HES server

Read more about this option here.

Step 6: Data protection

Read more and decide if this option is suitable for you.