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Using Hideez Key as U2F security key for your two-factor authentication
Hideez use cases – U2F security key for 2FA
You can use a security key for two-step verification, rather than a 6-digit security code. Hideez Key can be used as a security key that follows one of the open standards:
    FIDO Universal 2nd Factor (U2F)

U2F setup example for Dropbox

Step 1

Step 2

Follow Dropbox setup instructions How to use a security key for two-step verification
Note! Many instructions for configuring the security key are written for USB devices and therefore you may come across the phrase "Insert your security key into a USB port". In the case of Hideez Key, you must press the button on the case.

Sign in to your Dropbox account with U2F

Step 1

On the authorization page, enter your username and password in the usual way.
You can use the Hideez Key functionality to enter credentials if the corresponding account is created on it, or, you can use Hideez Key only for U2F and enter credentials manually.
To use only the U2F functionality, you only need the Hideez Key itself, without a dongle and specialized Hideez software.

Step 2

On-screen you will see a request for checking if you have a security key - if Hideez Key is enabled, then nothing needs to be done. If it is not on, turn it on with a short press.

Step 3

Enter the PIN code created earlier here.

Step 4

Queries are coming to your security key.
And a screen appears asking you to take action on the security key.
Press the button. At this time, the button flashes green.
You are authorized in your Dropbox account!
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