Hideez + OKTA integration

The Hideez + Okta integration

Hideez, an enterprise identity provider, has partnered with Okta, a front-runner in secure passwordless authentication, as an OIDC Client. This collaboration aims to provide a seamless and efficient login experience, removing the necessity for passwords and shared secrets. The integration of Okta + Hideez is designed to address both workforce and consumer authentication needs.

Setting Up Okta

  1. Sign in to your Okta Admin Console.

  2. In the left navigation, select Identity Providers from the Security menu.

  3. Go to the Identity Providers tab, click Add Identity Provider, and confirm that the Select an Identity Provider list includes "OpenID Connect IdP

  4. Configure OpenID Connect IdP

Fill Endpoints tab. For example, your Hideez Server is named publicdemo.hideez.com.

  • issuer: https://publicdemo.hideez.com/

  • authorization_endpoint: https://publicdemo.hideez.com/connect/authorize

  • token_endpoint: https://publicdemo.hideez.com/connect/token

  • end_session_endpoint: https://publicdemo.hideez.com/connect/logout

  • revocation_endpoint: https://publicdemo.hideez.com/connect/revoke

  • userinfo_endpoint: https://publicdemo.hideez.com/connect/userinfo

  • jwks_uri:https://publicdemo.hideez.com/.well-known/jwks

  1. Finish

  2. Go to the Routing rules tab

  3. Click Create rule

Setting Up Hideez Enterprise Server

  1. Sign in to your Hideez Enterprise Server as Admin.

  2. In the left navigation, navigate to Setting → Parameters.

  3. Go to section OIDC

  4. Click the Add OIDC Client button

  5. Configure OpenID Connect SP

The integration of Hideez with Okta addresses the following challenges:

  1. Enhanced Login Experience: By combining Hideez with Okta, users can enjoy a rapid and secure login process without the need for passwords, across both web and applications.

  2. Streamlined Employee Authentication: Employees have the convenience of registering their mobile devices once, thereafter accessing web and mobile apps, as well as Windows, MacOS, and VDI workstations, without the hassle of passwords.

  3. Customer Authentication Simplification: Customers using Okta-protected apps can be guided to register their mobile devices within the app, enabling subsequent passwordless authentication for seamless access.

  4. Customizable Authentication Factors: Enterprises have the flexibility to customize authentication factors, such as biometrics, either globally or optionally at the app level and even for specific transactions. This customization allows for tailored security measures based on individual needs and use cases.