Proximity Unlock

Hideez use cases – Unlock PC by proximity

Hideez Key allows you to choose a mechanism to unlock your computer.

The proximity mechanism is suitable for Use Cases where 1 user can work on 1 PC.

As soon as you come to the PC, it unlocks. You do not need to perform additional mechanical actions. The signal level from the Hideez Key determines the distance that you need to get closer to your computer. As soon as the signal level becomes more than 70% (by default), the computer automatically unlocks.

Unlock PC by proximity available if such requirements are met :

If the Hideez Key device has not yet been used with the Hideez Client App, then the first time, you need to pair Hideez Key with Dongle. During pairing, Hideez Key periodically blinks (lights up) with a green LED. To confirm, you need to perform a short press on the button. Watch the video.

If you don’t click on the button within 15 seconds, the pairing will not occur, and the Hideez Client App will not be able to work with Hideez Key. To re-pair, you must re-execute a pairing procedure.

Important conditions

  • Unlocking by proximity will only be possible if the computer has been locked by proximity. If you forcibly blocked the PC yourself, then it is assumed that this was not done by accident, and you have reasons to block the PC while next to it. Therefore, until you move to the distance necessary for proximity and return, the PC can be unlocked manually.

  • Only the device of the session user can lock the workstation.

    Session user - is the user that opened the current session, i.e., logged into Windows account.

  • The proximity value for locking/unlocking the computer is available for change by the Administrator only (at the moment). The administrator provides parameters in percentage for Bluetooth signal strength, for example: - blocking occurs when Bluetooth signal strength drops below 30%, - unlocking occurs when Bluetooth signal strength exceeds 70%. Actual distances in meters can vary greatly in different rooms and depend on external factors (location of the Hideez Key, furniture and walls in the room, etc.). It would be best if you determined optimal parameters for yourself experimentally.

  • This option is ideal for the case with 1 Hideez key and 1 PC. If several Hideez Keys near the PC have the right to unlock it by proximity, then the System's unstable behavior is possible. The administrator should allow this opportunity only for employees who work in shifts. Otherwise, only one key should be able to unlock the computer by proximity. For the remaining keys, only the Tap-and-Go unlock feature should be available.

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