Creating shared employee accounts

Hideez Enterprise Server – Creating shared employee accounts

Shared accounts are intended for specific accounts that are used by multiple users. For example, a shared account to unlock the computer for two employees working on the same computer, or having shared access to a resource.

Such accounts cannot be stored only on a certain key, therefore they are stored on the HES server. Please read the data protection information.

Accounts of this type must first be created on the server and then assigned to the Employees.

Step 1. Creating a shared account

  1. The principle of creating an account is completely identical to working with personal accounts.

  2. The account is created and saved in the list.

Step 2. Assigning a shared account to a specific Employee

Click the Add shared account button on the Employee's details page.

In the window that opens, select the name of the account that you want to add to the Hideez key for an employee. You will see the credentials for this account, but you will not be able to change them. Click the Add button.

The added account will be displayed in the list of accounts of an employee.