User Guide (advanced steps)

Advanced steps for the Hideez Authentication Service

After you have learned how to work with the Hideez Authenticator as a sign in method - it's time to use other Hideez solution possibilities.

Step 1: Offline codes for passwordless login

To login into the PC without Internet connection you need to set up passwordless authorization and then login once in online mode and then use offline codes.

Read more about this option here.

Step 2: Login to remote PC via RDP

You also can use Hideez Authenticator as a login option for RDP.

Step 3: Lock workstation remotely

Starting from version 1.2.9 you can block your Windows account if you enrolled your Authenticator for PC login.

Step 4: Try Hideez Authenticator as an OTP generator

Hideez Authenticator allows user to generate One-Time Passwords for Two-Factor Authentication mechanism.

To use OTP generation feature first you have to enroll your Hideez Authenticator on HES.