Using Hideez Authenticator as an OTP generator for your two-factor authentication

Hideez Authenticator allows user to generate One-Time Passwords for Two-Factor Authentication mechanism.

To use OTP generation feature first you have to enroll your Hideez Authenticator on HES.

Set up two-factor authentication for your Gmail account

Step 1: Enable two-factor authentication according to Google’s instructions.

Step 2: Open a secret key to generate OTP passwords in the account data.

To do this, go to account editing mode and


when setting up Google Authenticator, click CAN'T SCAN IT?

Step 3: Add OTP account

You can add an OTP secret either by scanning a QR code or manually.

  1. Then you can either scan QR code from the Google account settings or enter it manually:

Step 4: Confirm OTP in your Google account

Sign in to your Gmail account with two-factor authentication

Step 1: Visit the account login page

Step 2: Enter your credentials (login and password)

Step 3: Choose Google Authenticator app second-factor authentication method

Indicate whether you want to always pass two-factor authentication on this computer or not - clear or leave the checkbox Don’t ask again on this computer and also select Try another way and Get a verification code from the Google Authenticator App:

Step 4: Enter OTP code

You can find more on OTP generation in Hideez Authenticator - iOS, Android.