Use Proximity Unlock Workstations

Hideez Enterprise Server – Proximity Unlock Workstations

Proximity - a function allowing to lock and unlock of a computer depending on the Bluetooth signal strength without physical interaction with the computer. If the Bluetooth signal strength is lower than the given parameter, the computer will be locked automatically. This function saves the user from having to lock and unlock the PC manually and provides a secure PC lock when the key is distanced away from the workstation (for example, if the user with the key moves away from the workstation, the computer will automatically lock) and unlock when approaching the workstation.

To add or edit the Workstation which could be unlocked by Proximity (Bluetooth signal strength) you have to:

  1. Double-click on a line with the Employee who has added Hideez Key.

  2. Go to the Proximity Unlock Workstations section and click Add Workstation.

  3. Select the workstation that you prefer to unlock by Proximity.

To enable Proximity Unlock for the workstation Administrator have to:

  • add workstation to the Proximity Unlock Workstations

  • assign that workstation to the Profile which has Enabled Proximity Unlock

To enable proximity to unlock for certain workstation Administrator have to add that workstation to the Proximity Unlock Workstations. In case, the Administrator does not do this, automatic Proximity unlocking will not work, even if it is set in the Workstation profile.

Remove “Proximity Unlock Workstations”

Administrators can disable unlocking the workstation by Proximity. For this, remove the workstation from the "Proximity Unlock Workstations" section by clicking the button “Remove”.

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