Passkeys Guide

Passwordless SSO with Passkeys

1. Sign in to your Hideez server using your email and password

Note: If you see the message “Your web application is running and waiting for your content,” the server is not ready yet. The process may take from 5 to 10 minutes. Once the server is ready, you will receive an email confirmation.

2. Create Passkeys:

Passkeys are a new way of signing in to your online accounts with a biometric sensor or PIN, eliminating the need for passwords.

  • To create a passkey, go to the Profile page, then the FIDO2 Authenticators section, and click Add FIDO2 Authenticator.

  • Following the on-screen steps, add a FIDO2 Authenticator, choosing between a Cross-Platform key (another device, like a phone or tablet) or a Platform key (current device).

Adding a Cross-Platform key:

Adding a Platform key

Note: Multiple devices can be added simultaneously.

A biometric sensor or Trusted Platform Module (TPM) module must be present.

3. Configure Passwordless SSO:

Hideez Server allows you to enable passwordless Single Sign-On (SSO) based on the SAML and OpenID Connect (OIDC) protocols. These protocols are employed to verify a user’s identity when an employee tries to access web or mobile applications.

To configure the Hideez Server as an Identity Provider for passwordless SSO, go to Settings → Parameters, and proceed with SAML or OIDC configuration as described in our user guide.

4. Add a New user:

New users can be added through:

Upon receiving an email, users can configure their preferred login methods, such as a mobile application or passkeys.

Additionally, the Hideez Server assumes that passwordless authentication can be employed alongside other methods

  • Mobile Application allows Passwordless SSO and PC login with Mobile App

  • Hardware keys allow Passwordless SSO, PC logon & logoff, password-based authentication