Accounts backup and restore

HES Enterprise Server - Accounts backup and restore

If the key is assigned to a employee, there available also backup and restore option.

It is very useful feature in case you have more than one key per account and you need to sync all keys.

Backup creation

Backup is created automatically every time after connection between the key and workstation established. You just need to connect your key in Client and wait for 2 minutes approximately to backup appearance at employee page. There can be stored up to 10 backups.

Restore from backup

Step 1

To restore accounts from previously created backup you need to open employee details. Click on the Details button in the Employees section.

Step 2

Then choose desired backup from the backup list and click on the Restore from backup button.

Step 3

Confirm restore. Please, notice that all changes since the last backup will be lost. Also will be restored only accounts created on server, shared and personal. Private accounts added by employee via Client will remain.

After that accounts will be restored on the server and you will need to synchronize key on the server (just connect your key to Client). Also restore task appears on the server.

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