MySQL on Windows

1. Download MySQL

2. Installation

You can read the documentation for installing MySQL at this address.

  • When installing MySQL to run our software, you can select the Server only option.

  • During installation, you may be asked to install Microsoft Visual C ++ 2019 Redistributable Package. Agree, and perform the installation.

  • Also, during the installation process, you will be prompted to enter a strong password for the root user. Don't forget this password, we'll need it later.

3. Creating MySQL User and Database

3.1. Start the MySQL Command Line Client (type "MySQL 8.0 Command Line Client" in Windows search).

3.2. The following lines create a database hesdb, the user with name hesuser and password <user_password>. Сhange <user_password> to a strong password, otherwise you may get a password validator error.

mysql> CREATE DATABASE hesdb;
mysql> CREATE USER 'hesuser'@'' IDENTIFIED BY '<user_password>';
mysql> GRANT ALL ON hesdb.* TO 'hesuser'@'';