Other vendors' hardware keys

Hideez Enterprise Server allows using different FIDO Security Keys

In addition to Hideez Keys, you can also use other vendors' keys that support FIDO protocols, (FIDO2 and U2F), to authenticate on the Hideez Enterprises Server. Such keys include, for example, YubiKeys.

There is a wide selection of third-party hardware security keys that can be used for authentication on the HES. These keys can use USB, Bluetooth, NFS, or even USB-C & Lightning connectionof for authentication. Some of them support Biometric options of authentication.

The main requirement for such keys is their ability to support FIDO U2F and FIDO2 standards developed by the FIDO Alliance.

Before using keys produced by any other manufacturer, we highly recommend ensuring that they support FIDO U2F and FIDO2 protocols.

Please note that you may use hardware security keys by other vendors only to authenticate on the HES server.

To lock or unlock the workstation by Proximity or unlock the PC with your security key, you can only use Hideez Keys.

You can use hardware security keys by third-party vendors to authenticate on the HES using the following methods:

All of these options are available for Admin and User accounts.

The option of using the key depends on the specific browser and operating system you are going to use with the Key. Before connecting the key for authentication on the HES, we advise you to check the recommendations of your specific provider. For example, in the case of Yubikey you cam refer to their official documentation.

The procedure for connecting other vendors' keys to Windows is the same as for Hideez Keys.