Hideez Enterprise Server -Troubleshooting

Email notifications are not coming

If you chosen Gmail as your mail server and you don't get the email notifications from HES, please, try next guide:

  • Then open the "Security" tab → "Signing in to Google" section

  • Add any convenient 2-Step Verification method (for example, OTP or security key)

  • Then go back to the "Security" tab → "Signing into Google" section

  • Choose "App passwords" option

  • Choose from the "Select app" dropdown option "Other (Custom name)"

  • Enter application name ("HES") and click "Generate" button

  • Go to the server HES → Parameters→ Mail Section and сonfiguring credentials to send email notifications to the users.

If you want to change the default ports

By default, .Net Core uses ports 5000 and 5001. Therefore, if only one domain is running on the server, port numbers can be skipped. But if it is supposed to run a few sites on one computer, then it is necessary to specify different ports for each site in json file.

For example, for a site to listen to ports 6000 and 6001, after "AllowedHosts": "*" add the following (via comma):

 "Kestrel": {
    "Endpoints": {
      "Http": {
        "Url": "http://localhost:6000"
      "Https": {
        "Url": "https://localhost:6001"

To include values that contain a semicolon, single-quote character, or double-quote character

The basic format of a connection string includes a series of keyword/value pairs separated by semicolons. The equal sign (=) connects each keyword and its value. To include values that contain a semicolon, single-quote character, or double-quote character, the value must be enclosed in double quotation marks. If the value contains both a semicolon and a double-quote character, the value can be enclosed in single quotation marks. The single quotation mark is also useful if the value starts with a double-quote character. Conversely, the double quotation mark can be used if the value starts with a single quotation mark. If the value contains both single-quote and double-quote characters, the quotation mark character used to enclose the value must be doubled every time it occurs within the value.

How to enable logging before HES starts (Windows)

In case there is no logs folder in the HES location, please, follow next steps:

  1. Open web.config file at the 'C:/Hideez/HES' folder and check if stdoutLogEnabled="true". If not - set it "true" and save changes.

  2. Restart HES from the IIS. It may turn on logging and the log file will appear at the "C:/Hideez/HES/logs".