User Guide (first steps)

Using Hideez Authenticator for SSO login

Step 1: Install and set the Hideez Authenticator for your OS

Using Hideez Authenticator for Windows login

Step 1: Setup Hideez Authenticator for SSO login as described above (steps 1-2)

Step 2: Enroll the Hideez Authenticator for PC login

To enroll the Hideez Authenticator for passwordless authentication follow this guide.

Before setting up the application, please, ensure that:

  • You are signed into the Windows domain account.

  • Workstation has TPM 2.0 module.

To enroll the Hideez Authenticator for password-based authentication (enable for local, Microsoft, AD on premises and Azure AD account types) follow this guide.

For password-based accounts roaming feature is available. It means that you can enroll the Hideez Authenticator on one PC and then use this account on any other computer that has the same account. Read more here.

Step 4: Explore other features of the Hideez key

Now you are ready to move forward and explore other options of the Hideez Authenticator.