How to import keys into HES?

Hideez Enterprise Server – Importing keys into HES

After you have purchased Hideez keys, you need to synchronize with the Hideez Group license server.

Step 1

Go to the Settings → Parameters → Licensing

Step 2

Click the Import License button.

Step 3

There are two options:

Using API key via license server

To import the Key via the license server of your Hideez Enterprise Server you should configure the API key that you obtained from us. To do this, you can request a pilot.

The API Key is required so that your HES server can communicate with the Hideez License Server (HLS) and obtain the licenses necessary for the Hideez Keys to work.

Using a local file

New keys with current licenses will be added to the list of hardware vaults.

If your Hideez Enterprise Server is not visible on the Internet, you can import Keys via a JSON file. Please, reach out to us if you need to get your license file.