Emergency blocking of all computers

Hideez admin cases – Emergency blocking

Alarm Mode Explanation

If for some reason, you need to block all computers on which the Hideez Client is installed and which are online and make it impossible to use by Hideez Keys employees in one move, then the Alarm mode is provided for this.

Once you enable Alarm mode on the HES server:

- all computers on which the Hideez Client is installed and in the online status:

  • will be blocked;

  • bond files will be removed from them, i.e., to connect the keys, it will be necessary to confirm again by pressing the green button while the button is blinking and ensure the availability of the HES server

- all keys will be disconnected from the Hideez Client and will not connect until Alarm mode is turned off. Employees will see the message "Failed to connect to the server. 618".

If your employees do not know the password for unlocking the computer (Workstation account) or have disabled the ability to log in without using the Hideez Key, they will not be able to unlock and use the computer.

If a computer were not in the online status at the time the Alarm mode was turned on, but connected later, when the Alarm mode was not turned off yet, it would also be blocked.

Enabling Alarm Mode

Step 1

Click on the Alarm icon. It is convenient to do this even from a mobile phone.

Step 2

Click the Turn On button. Also, you can see:

  • number of computers online;

  • the total number of computers registered on the server is the number of computers that will potentially be locked when they turn online while the Alarm mode is on. This includes all computers (both those that are approved by the administrator and those that are not) on which the Hideez Client is installed, and the address of this server is registered in its settings;

  • date, time, and username of the user who turned off the Alarm mode last time.

Step 3

Confirm your action by clicking Confirm.

Step 4

The alarm mode is on. Now you can turn it off.

Disabling Alarm Mode

Step 1

Press the Turn Off button.

Step 2

Enter your administrator password to confirm your action and click Confirm.

Step 3

Alarm mode is off. Information about who did it and when is displayed. All the logic of HES - Hideez Client - Hideez Key operation has been restored. Users need to confirm bonding when connecting their keys to their computers.