Keys Statuses

Hideez Enterprise Server – Keys Statuses

For convenient management of the Hideez Keys, they have various statuses that allow the administrator to implement multiple security policies.

For some statuses, you can additionally indicate the reasons for its appearance.

Types of statuses and reasons:

  • Ready - a new device, not tied to a user

  • Reserved - pending activation

  • Active - tied to the user, functions normally

  • Locked - locked. There are reasons for blocking: - InvalidActivationCode - blocked due to incorrect input of the activation code; - LockedByInvalidPin - blocked due to incorrect PIN input;

  • Suspended - waiting for activation or frozen (activation code is generated and reported to the user)

  • Deactivated - deactivated. The reasons for deactivation are provided: - Withdrawal - withdrawn from the user - Broken - returned due to breakage

  • Compromised - compromised, data must be deleted, data can no longer be saved

You can see the statuses in the Hardware Vaults section.


This status means that Hideez Key is clear of any data, and you can give it to an employee.

Devices fall into this status:

  • immediately after import

  • after cleaning procedure - Wipe

When adding a key to the user, the administrator selects only from keys in the Ready status.


This status means that Hideez Key has been issued/sent to the user, but has not yet been activated. The key cannot be used; there is no data on it. An activation procedure is required.

In this status, you can already add accounts to Hideez Key, but physically they will appear on it only when the device switches to Active status.


This status means that Hideez Key is in working mode; you can use the key.

Only in this status is adding/changing/deleting accounts on Hideez Key.


This status means that Hideez Key is locked at the hardware level due to entering an incorrect PIN or activation code. The user cannot work until the device is unlocked.

To activate the admin must execute the command Activate device as a result of which:

  • an activation code is generated and communicated to the user

  • the device status changes to Suspended


This status means that Hideez Key is temporarily unavailable for use. For example, it can be when:

  • The employee was temporarily banned from using the Hideez Key, for instance, while on vacation and was forcibly assigned this status by the Suspend Device command

  • The administrator transferred the Hideez Key from the Locked status by using the Activate device command. Until the user enters the correct activation code, the Hideez Key will be unavailable for use.


This status means that Hideez Key was taken from the previous user, but the data on it has not been erased yet, or it is broken.


This status means that Hideez Key has been compromised. The administrator sets the status; the key is cleared of data; all links are deleted. Data cannot be recovered.

When setting the status, the administrator is shown a warning and one more confirmation step.

Be careful! Hideez Key can no longer be withdrawn from the Compromised status.