Hideez Enterprise Server Glossary

  • HES (acceptable synonyms: HES, Hideez Enterprise Server, server) - Hideez Enterprise Server. Part of Hideez’s enterprise solution that centrally manages users, keys and credentials.

  • HLS (acceptable synonyms: HLS, Hideez License Server, license server) - Hideez License Server. A server that issues licenses for users and their keys.

  • Hideez key (acceptable synonyms: Hideez Key, HK, Device) part of Hideez's comprehensive solution, which is credential storage.

  • Hideez dongle (acceptable synonyms: Dongle) - part of a comprehensive Hideez solution that guarantees the correct operation of the key with the computer via Bluetooth.

  • HES administrator (hereinafter referred to as the administrator) is an employee of the company who manages all the data on the HES server.

  • User / Employee (acceptable synonyms: in the context of the HES settings - Employee, in a broader context - User) - an employee of the company whose data are stored on the HES and to whom the Hideez Key was issued.

  • Hideez Client is part of a comprehensive Hideez solution - a client application that is installed on the user’s computer.

  • Workstation / Computer (there may be synonyms: computer / laptop / workstation) - i.e. any computerized workplace which the user works with.

  • Task - the task that HES transmits to the Hideez Key for some actions, for example, adding / updating / deleting accounts, etc. This task is performed when the key is connected to the server.

  • Account - credentials that are used to access a resource, application, service, computer, etc. It comprises at least the account name, username and access password, OTP secret (if included).

  • Unlock account - the account to unlock the computer. Like other accounts, it may contain links to websites and applications, but its Login must be correctly formed to unlock the computer, see Creating an account to enter the user's computer.

  • Proximity - a function allowing to lock and unlock a computer depending on the Bluetooth signal strength without physical interaction with the computer. If the Bluetooth signal strength is lower than the given parameter, the computer will be locked automatically. This function saves the user from having to lock and unlock the PC manually, provides a secure PC lock when the key is distanced away from the workstation (for example, if the user with the key moves away from the workstation, the computer will automatically lock) and unlock when approaching the workstation

  • OTP Secret - a key to generate one-time passwords. It must be kept secret along with passwords.

  • OTP - one-time password (time-based one-time password, TOTP) according to RFC 6238 standard.

  • AD - Microsoft Active Directory server (on-premise)