Hideez Authenticator guide

Hideez Authentication Service – Mobile key pilot guide

Hideez Authenticator App Solution Components

Hideez Enterprise Server

  • can be deployed on both Windows and Linux server

  • is deployed from source or run on Docker

  • must be deployed on the Customer's side and entered into the domain

    in order to work with AD

Hideez Client (desktop application)

  • can be installed centrally, .msi

  • is designed for Windows 10-11 only

  • You can register the server address on all Сlients centrally

Hideez Authenticator (mobile app)

  • Compatible with Android and iOS devices

  • Mobile sign-ins to any Windows account type (via RDP as well; passwordless TPM-based, password-based)

  • Single sign-in option

  • OTP generation

If you ordered a pilot project and successfully deployed your Hideez Enterprise Server, licenses will be issued for the required number of employees.

Use scenarios

You can use Hideez Authenticator as only SSO method or you may try full functionality (which includes PC passwordless or password-based login).

There are 2 possible use scenarios:

Using Hideez Authenticator for SSO login

Step 1

In a Hideez Group email, you received the server address and access. Please go to the server and add one employee. At this stage, it is enough to fill in only his or her name and leave the rest of the data blank. How to add an Employee?

Step 2

Enable SSO for the employee. Administrators can log into the HES service and use the SSO service by default, but employees with user accounts cannot, so they first must have an explicit permission of the administrator.

Step 3

Install and set the Hideez Authenticator for your OS:

Step 4

Enroll the Hideez Authenticator application on HES - iOS and Android guides.

Step 5

Then you can login on HES using the Hideez Authenticator - iOS and Android guides.

Also now you can use Hideez Authenticator for OTP generation - iOS and Android guides.

Using the full functionality of Hideez Authentication Service (Windows login scenario)

Step 1

Setup Hideez Authenticator for SSO login as described above (steps 1-4).

Step 2

Now you have two options to use Hideez Authenticator for PC unlock:

  • For AD on premises accounts is available passwordless authentication based on TPM technology (the most secure and highly recommended). For this option user does not have to know the account password.

  • For all account types (local, Microsoft, AD on premises and Azure AD) is available password-based authentication. For this option user has to know the account login, password and domain (for AD accounts).

To enable passwordless authentication, please, follow next steps:

Step 3

Install the Hideez Client on your workstation.

If Hideez staff didn't give you any special version, then use the latest stable version, which can be downloaded here.

Installation instructions are here.

Note! You can install the Hideez Client version to work with internal Bluetooth or with an external Hideez Dongle. If you will not use Hideez Keys, it does not matter which option to choose.

Step 4

Enter the HES address in the Hideez Client. Approve the workstation on the server. How to add and approve Workstations?

Step 5

To enroll the Hideez Authenticator for passwordless authentication follow this guides - iOS, Android.

Before setting up the application, please, ensure that:

  • You are signed into the Windows domain account.

  • Workstation has TPM 2.0 module.

To enroll the Hideez Authenticator for password-based authentication (enable for local, Microsoft, AD on premises and Azure AD account types) follow this guides - iOS, Android.

For password-based accounts roaming feature is available. It means that you can enroll the Hideez Authenticator on one PC and then use this account on any other computer that has the same account. Read more - iOS, Android.

Step 6

Then you can login to your PC using the Hideez Authenticator - iOS and Android guides.

For passwordless unlock account also is available offline login via text code. You have to perform online login once and then 50 offline codes will be generated for you. Read more about this option - iOS, Android.

Step 7

Also there is available PC lock option, read more about it via the links - iOS, Android.

Read more about Hideez Authenticator features in official guide.

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