Connection failed. Trying to re-bond device

Hideez Client App – Connection failure

If the Hideez Client App shows you this message "Connection failed. Trying to re-bond device..." while touching the dongle with a Hideez Key, then try the following:

Step 1

Stop the Service. Go to Task Manager > Services

Right-click on the line Hideez Service and Stop.

Please, close Hideez Device Maintenance Application if it is open now.

Step 2

Go to C:/Program Data/Hideez and remove bonds file.

Program Data is the hidden folder. Follow this guide if you don't see it.

Step 3 (optional)

Update firmware if needed. Follow this instruction.

Step 4

Run the Service. Go to Task Manager > Services. Right-click on the line Hideez Service and Start.

Step 5

Try to connect Hideez Key to the Hideez Client again.

If the Hideez Key device has not yet been used with this workstation, then the first time you need to pair Hideez Key with Dongle. During pairing, Hideez Key periodically blinks (lights up) with a green LED. To confirm, you need to perform a short press on the button. Watch the video. If you don’t click on the button within 15 seconds, the pairing will not take place and the Hideez Client App will not be able to work with Hideez Key. To re-pair, you must re-execute a long tap.

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