Creating personal employee accounts

Hideez Enterprise Server – Creating personal employee accounts

Accounts are associated with a specific User, not a key.

To work with accounts, you need to go to the Employees details page.

Click the Create a personal account button on the Employee's page.

In the window that opens, you can create an account to access websites and / or applications and unlock your computer (local account, domain account, Microsoft account or Azure AD account).

The same account can be simultaneously used to access websites/applications and to unlock a PC. For example, you can specify a domain account and sites/applications for which domain authorization is possible.

  • Enter data manually or select from the template - the ability to create an account based on a previously saved template. If the template is not selected, the account is created by manually entering all the data.

  • Name -account name. Required field. Name your account the way it is convenient and understandable for you.

  • Login Type - the type of login that defines what the account can be used for. Choice from the drop-down list: Web-Sites and Applications / Local Windows Account / AD Domain Account / Azure AD Account / Microsoft Account.

  • Login - login, required field. Depending on the selected type of login, you need to specify it correctly, for example, for an AD Domain Account, you must also specify the domain.

  • Password - account password, required field.

  • Confirm Password - password confirmation, required field.

  • URLs (separate by semicolon) - one or more URLs separated by ";"

  • Applications (separate by semicolon) - one or more applications separated by ";"

  • OTP Secret - secret OTP code.

Account examples

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