How to see an RFID code on the Employee key?

Hideez Enterprise Server – Setting an RFID code

Every Hideez Key comes with RFID module and a unique code that has already been put in Em-Marine standard.

It can be used as key for physical doors or in some cases, when users' workstations are equipped with RFID devices and it is very convenient to unlock the computer by touching the key with the RFID device, and not with the dongle or using proximity.

In this case, you must register the RFID code on the key. Please see the video how you can replace existing code on Hideez Key.

If you can use existing code and write it to other systems, for example your Access Control System, you need to know it.

Go to the Hardware Vaults section.

RFID codes for every key are in the last column.

Or you can click on the desired hardware vault and click Edit RFID

In the window that opens you can copy code or even enter the new code and click Save.

Please be aware! Editing the RFID code via the HES interface doesn't change the existing code. It works only for one use case: when you change the plastic housing of the Hideez Key (RFID module connected to plastic housing) and you need to mark that the employe's existing unique code has changed.

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