Use proximity with Workstation

Hideez Enterprise Server – Using proximity with workstations

Proximity - a function allowing to lock and unlock a computer depending on the Bluetooth signal strength without physical interaction with the computer. If the Bluetooth signal strength is lower than the given parameter, the computer will be locked automatically. This function saves the user from having to lock and unlock the PC manually, provides a secure PC lock when the key is distanced away from the workstation (for example, if the user with the key moves away from the workstation, the computer will automatically lock) and unlock when approaching the workstation.

To see or edit the list of devices that can work by proximity (Bluetooth signal strength) with this workstation, you can:

  1. Double-click on a line with the workstation name.

  2. Click on the line with the desired workstation and click Details button.

You can see the Hideez key or list of keys that are allowed to work with this workstation via proximity.

Add Hardware Vault

You can add new ones which allowed to work with this workstation via proximity. Click the Add Hardware Vault button and choose the needed vaults.

Please note! If you allow more than one Hideez key to unlocking the same computer via proximity, there may be unstable operation if these keys are close to the computer at the same time.

Use such settings only if Users will work with this computer in shifts.

At the same time, one Hideez key can unlock up to 4 computers with the same account to log into the computer. This may be a very convenient solution when the User has several computers, laptops, and workstations at the workplace and logs into all under the same account.

The only limitation, in this case, is that computers must be turned on in order for serial communication of each computer and the key to occur.

Delete Hardware Vault

You can block the proximity unlock option for some Hideez Keys. You need only to delete them from this list.

Click on the line with the desired Hideez key and click the Delete Hardware Vault button.

You can read more about proximity mechanism: Unlock PC by proximity

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