Proximity settings

Hideez admin cases – Proximity settings

By default, Hideez Client uses the settings for proximity: - blocking occurs when Bluetooth signal strength drops below 30%, - unlocking occurs when Bluetooth signal strength exceeds 70%.

Actual distances in meters can vary greatly in different rooms and depend on external factors (location of the Hideez Key, the presence of furniture and walls in the room, etc.). You need to determine optimal parameters for yourself experimentally.

The administrator can change these settings for each approved workstation where the Hideez Client is installed: 1. Run the text editor as Administrator 2. Open file C:\ProgramData\Hideez\Service\Settings\Sdk

3. Enter the numbers between the XML tags: <LockProximity>30</LockProximity> - % signal level at which blocking will be carried out (values ​​from 1 to 100)

<UnlockProximity>70</UnlockProximity> - % signal level at which unlocking will be carried out (values ​​from 1 to 100)

<LockTimeout>5</LockTimeout> - how many seconds the signal level must be below the blocking level for blocking to occur. Save changes. Settings will take effect immediately after saving changes to the document.

Important Conditions:

  • If there is an error in the file, the default settings are loaded and used.

  • The value of <LockProximity> must be less than the value of <UnlockProximity>.

The proximity mechanism is not very stable. The signal can constantly change (even when the key lies in one place). Within a few seconds, the signal level can vary by 30-40 units! It is influenced by a lot of factors: mobile network and other Bluetooth devices. These are the properties of the technology itself. According to our observations, we recommend setting intervals between the values of at least 40. We have chosen the optimal values: LockProximity - 30; UnlockProximity - 70.

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