Unlock PC by Bluetooth Touch (Tap-and-Go)

Hideez use cases – Tap-and-Go

Use Cases where many users can work on any PC.

To unlock the computer, go to it and touch the dongle with the key.

There is no need for additional settings for this on the part of the Administrator or user.

Tap-and-Go case available if such requirements are met :

Tap-and-Go Scenario

  1. You unlock the PC by touching the key to the dongle.

  2. You work on PC.

  3. You stop working, get away from the PC at a sufficient distance.

  4. PC is blocked by proximity.

If the Hideez Key device has not yet been used with the Hideez Client App, then the first time, you need to pair your oHideez Key with the Dongle. During pairing, Hideez Key periodically blinks (lights up) with a green LED. To confirm, you need to perform a short press on the button. Watch the video. If you don’t click on the button within 15 seconds, the pairing will not occur, and the Hideez Client App will not be able to work with the Hideez Key. To re-pair, you must re-execute a long tap.

Important conditions

  • Only the device of the session user can lock the workstation.

    Session user - is the user that opened the current session, i.e., logged into Windows account.

If this case seems unsafe for you, then the Administrator can add the requirement to touch the dongle with the Hideez Key and enter a PIN-code and/or click on the key in your profile settings.

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