Account creation

The accounts that you create in Hideez Client will be visible only to you, the HES administrator will not see them and will not be able to interact with them in any way.

Click on the “+” icon at the bottom of the page to create an account OR use the hotkey combination Ctrl + Alt + A to open the window for adding an account from an application or site. In this case, the account name and applications will already be pre-filled and they can be changed.

Enter your account information in the window that appears:

  • Account name - any name that is convenient and understandable for you

  • Login - the login used to enter the account

  • Password - password used for login. You can enter it manually or generate it by clicking on the icon at the end of the line. If you generate a password, then do not forget to update it in your existing account.

  • Web-site/app - addresses of web-sites where this account and application names can be used. - to add a site address, click the Add Web-site button

    To add an application, click the “Add application” button

  • OTP Secret - here you can copy the secret key, based on which one-time passwords are generated. Typically, such a key is displayed as a QR code on a computer screen and is intended to be scanned by the application on the phone. For example, this is how OTP setup for a Google account looks like:

    In our case, you will need to click on the link “CAN’T SCAN IT?” - a window opens, where the same code will be presented in text form:

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