Key for Physical doors

Each Hideez Key device is equipped with a radio frequency identification module (RFID) Atmel T5577, operating at a frequency of 125 kHz. This module operates independently from the Bluetooth module and is not connected to it.

The RFID module is commonly used for identification in access control systems. Hideez Key can work on two different standards: HID or Em-Marine. However, they cannot be used simultaneously.

The key fob comes with a unique code that has already been put in Em-Marine standard.

There are two use cases for RFID:

  1. You can write the existing code to your Access Control System.

  2. You can replace this code by any other code both in the Em-Marine and HID standard. This procedure requires special hardware called a programmer. This equipment is supplied as a part of commercial Access Control Systems (ACS), or it can be purchased separately. Detailed information about these issues can be found in the documentation for access control systems and will not be described in detail in this manual.

    See video of How to set RFID in Hideez Key on the channel

Ask your Administrator if you need this option.

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