Lock PC

Hideez Key uses the proximity mechanism to lock your computer.

As soon as you have moved a sufficient distance from the workstation, it is blocked. You do not need to do this manually.

The "sufficient" distance is determined by the signal level from Hideez Key. As soon as the signal level becomes less than 30%, the workstation automatically locks.

Lock PC by proximity works by default. There is no need for additional settings for this.

Lock PC by proximity Scenario

  1. You unlock the PC by proximity/Bluetooth Touch/RFID Touch

  2. You work on PC

  3. You stop working, get away from the PC at a sufficient distance.

  4. PC is blocked by proximity.

Important conditions:

  • Only the device of the session user can lock the workstation.

    Session user - is the user that opened the current session, i.e. logged into Windows account.

  • The proximity value for locking/unlocking the computer is available for change by the Administrator only (at the moment). The administrator provides parameters in percentage for Bluetooth signal strength, for example: - blocking occurs when Bluetooth signal strength drops below 30%, - unlocking occurs when Bluetooth signal strength exceeds 70%. Actual distances in meters can vary greatly in different rooms and depend on external factors (location of the Hideez Key, the presence of furniture and walls in the room, etc.). You need to determine optimal parameters for yourself experimentally.

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