User Guide (first steps with Hideez Client)

Step 0: Installing the Hideez Client

We assume that

Your Administrator:

- installed Hideez Client on your computer

- specified the server address in the Client's settings

- added Primary Account to unlock your PC


- set up Hideez Key operation on an unlocked PC

If not, please Download the Client App for Windows and install it.

Step 1: Launch the Hideez Client

Step 2: Press button on the Hideez key and insert the Dongle

To enable Hideez key, you must press the button.

Watch the Power On video.

Insert the Dongle to the USB-port. If it is possible, do not use a USB hub.

Possible issues: The Hideez key does not turn on - replace the battery, please. You have already turned on Hideez key - it is ok, you can skip this step.

Step 3: Check indicators

After launching the Hideez Client, you will see a screen:

Please check if the Server and Dongle indicators are green.

Step 4: Tap on the Dongle with the Hideez Key

You need to touch dongle with the Hideez Key for 1 or 2 seconds.

Step 5: Confirm pairing (one-time procedure)

During the first connection of the Hideez Key to the computer, it is necessary to go through the pairing (bonding) procedure: press the button that blinks green.

The next time you connect this Hideez Key to this computer, this procedure is not required.

Watch the Video.

Possible issues: Didn't press the button in time - You have to press the button when the button is flashing green. There are three attempts to confirm the bonding by pressing the button; during each attempt, the key will flash green. If you missed this moment and did not press, then after three attempts, the key stops flashing green, and you need to tap the dongle again.

Step 6: Enter activation code (one-time procedure)

Concurrently with the Hideez Key, the administrator should give you an activation code. It can be sent in an e-mail or communicated in another way. Enter this 6-digit numeric code in the activation code field and click Confirm.

Possible issues:

Entered an incorrect PIN code - you have three attempts to enter a PIN code. If all of them were incorrect, then the Hideez key will be blocked, and you need to contact the administrator.

The input window disappeared, and you see GetActivationCodeTimeout error - you need to enter the PIN code at a particular period; if you did not do this, the window disappears, and you will see the GetActivationCodeTimeout error. You need to tap the dongle again.

Step 7: Request access to the password manager

After you go through the activation procedure, you will see such a screen.

You see the Vault Settings section, but the yellow lock and red indicators show that the Hideez key storage has not been loaded yet.

You need to click on the lock icon.

Step 8: Create a PIN code for your Hideez Key

You need to create a PIN code and remember it now. Only you know your PIN code.

Depending on the settings that the administrator will set for you, the Hideez Client will regularly request you to enter the PIN code to ensure that you are using the key.

Step 9: Get access to the password manager

Now you can access the accounts which administrator adds for you to the Hideez key. You can't change or see passwords; you can only use them. The Cloud icon indicates such accounts.

Step 10: Lock PC (optional)

Do this step only if you already have an account to unlock your PC on your Hideez key.

Now you are ready to try how you can unlock your PC with Hideez key. Please, lock your workstation, for example, by pressing Win+L, you will see such a screen.

Step 11: Unlock PC with Hideez key

You need to touch dongle with the Hideez Key for 1 or 2 seconds.

Now you are ready to move forward and explore other options of the Hideez key.

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