Creating personal employee accounts

Accounts are associated with a specific User, not a key.

To work with accounts, you need to go to the Employees details page.

Click the Create a personal account button on the Employee's page.

There are 2 tabs in the window that appears. You can specify information for the account to access the site or application on the Web / App account tab. You can also specify the local account, domain account, Microsoft account or Azure AD account on the Workstation account tab.

Filling data on the “Web / App account” tab

An account can be created manually or using a template.

Field Assignments:

  • Name - account name

  • URLs - one or more web addresses separated by “;”

  • Apps - one or more application names separated by “;”. You can specify, for example, “Skype” as the name of the application

  • Login - login to access your account

  • Password - password to access your account

  • Confirm password - re-enter the password to prevent its mistyping

  • OTP - enter a secret OTP code. You may be interested in this article: Using Hideez Key as OTP security key for your two-factor authentication.

Required fields are: Name, Login, Password, Confirm password, as well as at least one of the URLs or Apps fields.

Please note that you can use one account for several sites and / or applications.

Example of RDP account creation

Filling data on the “Workstation account” tab

You can create a local / domain / Microsoft / Azure AD account on the corresponding tab.

All fields are required.

There may be several accounts of this type, but one of them is the main one for unlocking the computer (Primary Account). It is visually highlighted in the list of accounts.

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