Wipe procedure

Hideez Enterprise Solution – Wipe procedure

Wipe - procedure for cleaning the Hideez key from all data.

After Hideez Key is transferred to the Deactivated status, it is enough to try to connect it (make a tap about the dongle) and the key will be cleared from all data and it will go into the Ready status.

Manual Wipe procedure

Step 1

Run the Hideez Device Maintenance Application file.

Utility for Hideez Key's maintenance is already in the folder of the installed Hideez Client. The latest stable version of Hideez Client you can find here.

You need admin rights on the computer to run this utility.

Note! Hideez Device Maintenance Application works only on PC with installed Hideez Client.

Program Files > Hideez > Client > Hideez Device Maintenance Application

Step 2

Check if the BLE indicator is green. If it is not - try to put dongle more accurately.

Step 3

Click Select firmware file and choose right file. For this you need previously download on your PC from this page.

Step 4

Make checkbox "Automatically start uploading device firmware" is off.

Step 5 (optional)

Turn on Hideez key. To enable, you should press the button, the device will switch to pairing mode.

Power On video

Step 6

Tap the Hideez key on the Bluetooth dongle.

If you are working with a Hideez Key that has never been used, then you need to turn it on, wait until it starts flashing blue, then tap on the dongle, wait for the green flashing, confirm by pressing, and then the firmware update process will start.

If you are using a Hideez Key that has never been used on the PC where you are trying to perform the wipe process, then after tapping on the dongle, you need to wait for the green blinking, confirm by pressing and then continue.

Step 7

You will see the red button Wipe - click on it.

Step 8

Confirm your action.

Step 9

The button on the key will start blinking yellow. Press and hold it (15 seconds). In Hideez Device Maintenance app, a green checkmark will appear next to the key number. The wipe was successful.

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