Hideez Enterprise Solution Update

Updating HES Server, Hideez Client application and Hideez Key firmware

The Hideez Enterprise Solution update should be carried out comprehensively, including:

We guarantee the stable work of all components only within one version, which is determined by the first two numbers, for example, "3.2.X". The third digit in the version means the build number and may not match. Otherwise, one of the system components may not have sufficient functionality for the full operation of the entire system.

Updating the firmware, client and server can be done in any order, the main thing is that finally, all versions match.

How to update HES server

The server is updated according to the instructions located in the Github repository. Depending on how the server was installed, there are different methods for updating:

When updating the server, the data is saved, but it is recommended to backup the database first.

How to update Hideez Client

Update Hideez Client by installing a new version over the old one. This is a standard procedure that can be performed by installing through the GPO (Group Policy Object). When updating, the application settings are saved.

The latest stable version of Hideez Client you can find here.

How to update firmware

Hideez Maintenance application is used to update the firmware, detailed instruction is here.

The latest stable version of firmware you can find here.

When updating the firmware, the data is saved, although when updating very old firmware versions, the data may be lost, because when adding new functionality (for example, FIDO authorization system) we are forced to redistribute the internal memory of the device. Please consult Hideez Technical Support before upgrading.

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