Guide for Pilot Projects

Hideez Enterprise Solution for Pilot Projects

If you ordered a pilot project, your Hideez Enterprise Server has already been deployed, and you have given access to it. Your Hideez Keys with active licenses have been added to it.

We are very interested in having you try our product asap; therefore, we have put together simple steps in this guide that you can try to implement and get the result right away.

Using Hideez Key as a Security Key

Step 1

Unpack the box with Hideez Key. Take out the key.

At this stage, you don't need either a dongle or additional Hideez Group software.

Step 2

Try to use Hideez Key as a U2F security key. Using Hideez Key as U2F security key for your two-factor authentication

Step 3

Try to use Hideez Key as a FIDO2 security key for Windows 10 logon. Unlock PC by Security Key

Using the full functionality of Hideez Enterprise Solution

Step 1

In a Hideez Group email, you received the server address and access. Please go to the server and add one employee. At this stage, it is enough to fill in only his or her name and leave the rest of the data blank. How to add an Employee?

Step 2

Add Hideez Key to Employee. Assign a key to the user

Step 3

Install on the workstation Hideez Client.

If Hideez staff didn't give you any special version, then use the latest stable version, which can be downloaded here.

Installation instructions are here.

Step 4

Approve workstation on the server. How to add and approve Workstations?

Step 5

Unpack the box with Hideez Key if you haven't done so previously. Take out the key and insert the dongle into the USB port.

Step 6

Follow the steps to configure Hideez Client for Hardware Vault. First steps with Hideez Client

Step 7

Create your first account in Hideez Client with two-factor authentication (OTP). Using Hideez Key as OTP security key for your two-factor authentication

Step 8

Add an account to an existing employee to unlock the workstation on the server. How to work with personal employee accounts?

Step 9

Unlock your computer with Bluetooth Touch. Unlock PC by Bluetooth Touch (Tap-and-Go)

Step 10

Turn on the proximity unlock option for the Workstation added to the server and specify the Hideez Key that can use this option. Use proximity with Workstation

Step 11

Try to unlock the workstation by proximity. Unlock PC by proximity

Step 12

Try to use Hideez Mobile Authenticator to unlock your computer. First Setup for Android First Setup for iOS

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