Mobile Authenticator

Quick Overview

Hideez Authenticator is a free Android/iOS app that turns employee smartphones into personal security tokens. It provides fast and secure access to corporate apps and web services with mobile sign-inFor iOS, version 13 is the minimum requirement.For Android, version 8 is the minimum requirement.Hideez Authenticator app is a part of the Hideez Authentication Service for enterprises. You need to have the Hideez Authentication Server deployed and the Hideez Client App installed on your PC beforehand.

Main Features

✔ Use passwordless biometric logins or scan QR codes to sign in; ✔ Enable Single Sign-On with 2FA for any apps and services; ✔ Reduce the risk of phishing, unauthorized access, and account takeovers; ✔ Meet strong authentication requirements to secure access to critical applications and sensitive data.


  • Only for passwordless PC authentication (for AD on-premises accounts):

    • Workstation with Windows 10 or 11 and must have a TPM 2.0 module.

    • The workstation must be connected to an Active Directory domain.

    • The Active Directory domain must have a Certification Server (Certification Authority)

    • A special template has been set up in the certification authority. (See Configuring an Active Directory Certification Authority).

  • The enterprise version of Hideez Client is installed on the workstation.

  • The user must be registered on the HES server.

  • The HES server must be available for both the Hideez Client and the mobile application, i.e. the computer and the phone must be in the same network, or the HES must have a public Internet address.

Refer to this guide to learn how to configure Mobile Authenticator.