Email notifications are not coming

If you chosen Gmail as your mail server and you don't get the email notifications from HES, please, try next guide:
  • Then open the "Security" tab > "Signing in to Google" section
  • Add any convenient 2-Step Verification method (for example, OTP or security key)
  • Then go back to the "Security" tab > "Signing in to Google" section
  • Choose "App passwords" option
  • Choose from the "Select app" dropdown option "Other (Custom name)"
  • Enter application name ("HES") and click "Generate" button
  • To the appsettings.json file add created password:
"EmailSender": {
"Host": "",
"Port": 587,
"EnableSSL": true,
"UserName": "[email protected]",
"Password": "<generated password>"

How to enable logging before HES starts (Windows)

In case there is no logs folder in the HES location, please, follow next steps:
  1. 1.
    Open web.config file at the 'C:/Hideez/HES' folder and check if stdoutLogEnabled="true". If not - set it "true" and save changes.
  2. 2.
    Restart HES from the IIS. It may turn on logging and the log file will appear at the "C:/Hideez/HES/logs".