Workstation Sessions
Hideez Enterprise Server – Workstation Sessions
To view Workstations Sessions, go to the appropriate “Audit - Sessions” section.
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A session is the period of time between unlocking the computer and the event leading to its locking.
Log table fields:
    Start Time - the point in time when the session was started
    End Time - the point in time when the session was completed
    Duration - session duration
    Unlocked By - how the session was started - with a dongle, RFID or without Hideez
    Computer - computer name
    User Session - the name of the user account on the computer
    Device SN - the serial number of the device if the session was started using the Hideez Key
    Employee, Company, Department - employee information (employee name, company, department)
    Account Name - the name of the account used
    Account Type - account type (personal or shared)
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