Enrollment for Passwordless PC Authorization

Before you will enroll the Hideez Authenticator for PC login please ensure that you have followed the steps for application enrollment on HES.

Enrollment for Passwordless PC Authorization

  1. An enterprise version of the client must be installed on the computer. Ensure that:

Please note, that for Passwordless PC Authorization Administrator has to configure:

  1. Input the HES address in the Settings section.

  1. Go to the Mobile Authenticator section and click the “Setup” button under the Passwordless Authenticator subsection.

  1. Open the Scanner section at the Hideez Authenticator and scan the QR code from the Hideez Client. Also, you can open this scanner from the “Profile > Workstation” section. In this case, the scanner will look like this:

  1. Confirm enrollment on Hideez Authenticator.

Enrolling will start

  1. That is all set. Now you can find information about unlock account in the "Accounts > Workstations" section at the Hideez Authenticator. Also here you can delete unlock the account or add a new one.

In the next article, you can find the guide on how to re-enroll Hideez Authenticator if the validity period of the certificate for passwordless enrollment is over.