Passwordless account re-enrollment

Certificates are created in AD for passwordless login. The default validity period for this certificate is 1 year. When the validity period ends, Hideez Client will notify you. Then you will have to re-enroll the certificate for passwordless login for further use. The procedure is the same as enrollment:

  1. Open previously installed Hideez Client.

  2. Go to the Mobile Authenticator section and click the "Setup" button under the Passwordless Authenticator subsection.

  1. Open the Scanner section at the Hideez Authenticator and scan the QR code from Hideez Client.

  1. Confirm the re-enrollment in the Authenticator:

  1. That is all set. Now the certificate validity period is reset and you are able to use Authenticator again.

You can preventively re-enroll the certificate even if the validity period is not over yet.