How to manage companies and departments?

Hideez Enterprise Server – Managing companies and departments

There can be an unlimited number of companies and departments. They should reflect the organizational structure of your company or group of companies. Each employee or workstation can belong to one of the departments, which in turn is part of one of the companies.

Thanks to this, you can filter and group data in tables by departments and companies, as well as build reports by departments and companies (read more about these options in the Audit section).

To manage companies, departments and positions go to the Settings > Organization Structure.

Adding a company

Step 1

Click the Create Company button on the tab Companies.

Step 2

Enter the name of the company and click Create.

The company will be added and displayed in the list in alphabetical order.

Manage a company

You can Edit Company or Delete Company any company you have created. Click the corresponding buttons Edit and Delete near the name of the company.

All departments will be deleted along with the deletion of the company.

Adding a department

Step 1

Click the Create Department button near the corresponding company.

Step 2

Enter the name of the department and click Create.

Manage a department

You can edit and delete any department you have created in the company. Click corresponding buttons Edit and Delete near the name of the department.

Departments are sorted alphabetically. You can change the sorting from A-Z to Z-A.