Hideez Enterprise Server setup for passwordless login

Once you have created the appropriate template in the certification authority, you need to get the following settings:

  1. Cryptographic Service Provider Name

  2. Certificate Config

  3. Certificate Template ID

The first parameter (Cryptographic Service Provider Name) must be set to "Microsoft Base Smart Card Crypto Provider".

The second parameter (Certificate Config) is the name of the domain controller and the name of the certification authority, separated by an "\". The following command will help define these names: "certutil -config - -ping". Run it from the command line, then you should get such window:

To define the third parameter (Certificate Template ID), go to the domain controller, and do the following:

  • Open MMC and add the Certificate Templates snap-in (File > Add/Remove Snap-ins > Certificate Templates)

  • Right click the created certificate template

  • Open Properties

  • Open Extensions tab

  • Select “Certificate Template Information

The ID will be visible in the description below after "Object identifier":

The received parameters need to be entered to the HES settings. To do this, go to Settings -> Parameters -> Domain. Add the "On-premises Active Directory domain", and then edit the Workstation passwordless logon settings:

Enter and save the settings you received before.