Adding an admin account

Hideez Enterprise Server – Adding an admin account

To add an administrator to your HES server, you need to add an employee (or select an existing one) in the Employees menu section and assign him the Administrator role.

Adding a new admin user

In case you want to create new employee, you can set the role during the creation:

Choose "Administrator" option in role dropdown list:

Changing user's role

In case you want to change someone's role to admin, please, follow the guide below:

Step 1 (optional)

Follow the instructions to add a new employee.

Step 2

Select the required user from the list in the Employees section and click on the Change Role button.

Step 3

Select Administrator and click the Confirm button in the Role section.

Step 4 (optional)

If the user has just been added, the new administrator has to open the letter and follow the link.

If the email did not reach the specified email address or you see that the invitation has not been accepted for a long time, you can resend it. Click on the line with the required administrator and click the button Resend invite.

Follow all these steps for all the people you want to give administrator rights.