How to enter credentials with Hideez Key

After you added personal accounts to the employee's Hideez Key memory, the employee now can use the Key to log in on the sites/apps.

There are 2 option for log in: - using the hot-keys a) Ctrl+Alt+L = login b) Ctrl+Alt+P = password c) Crtl+Alt+O = OTP - pressing the button a) 1 click = login b) 2 clicks = password c) 3 clicks = OTP

1. Be sure that key is connected in the Hideez Client application: the application displays the signal level, and the serial number of the device.

2. Open the needed site in the supported browser (Chrome, Edge, Mozilla Firefox, Opera).

3. Click on the login field and type Ctrl+Alt+L on the keyboard.

4. Click on the password field and type Ctrl+Alt+P on the keyboard.

Now you can log in.

If you try to enter login / password/ OTP without selecting the desired field, you will be shown a notification on the screen. For example: