Setup guides

Hideez Authentication Service Components

  • can be deployed on both Windows and Linux server
  • is deployed from source or run on Docker
  • must be deployed on the Customer's side and entered into the domain
    in order to work with AD
Hideez Client (desktop application)
  • can be installed centrally, .msi
  • is designed for Windows 10-11 only
  • You can register the server address on all Сlients centrally

Here are 2 other components that can be used either simultaneously or separately:

Hideez Keys (Hardware security tokens)
  • Replaceable (Hideez Key 3) or rechargeable (Hideez Key 4) battery
  • Multifunctional button with different color modes
  • Bluetooth connection
Hideez Authenticator (mobile app)
  • Compatible with Android and iOS devices
  • Mobile sign-ins to any Windows account type (via RDP as well; passwordless TPM-based, password-based)
  • Single sign-in option
  • OTP generation
In the next 2 sections you can find setup guides for each of them:
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